The Sisel H2 STIX brochure and video are now available. To view the brochure, click on the thumbnail below. For downloading, click on the cloud icon found in the lower left corner. This tool is perfect for learning about Sisel H2 STIX and how to become an expert on all its incredible benefits. We encourage you to download and share the brochure with everyone in your downlines.

Sisel H2 Stix is infused with power and provides you with a rush of natural, hydrogen-fueled energy. Boost your metabolism, hydrate your cells, and even enhance your body’s defenses against free radicals with this intense explosion of diatomic hydrogen. Elevate your life with Sisel H2 Stix today, available to purchase from the Fitness section in your Team Office.

Sisel H2 STIX Promotional Video

To download the official Sisel H2 Stix promotional video, start the video and then right click and select “Save video as…” Once you’ve saved the video to your device you’ll be free to use this invaluable tool to teach and educate others about the incredible benefits of Sisel H2 STIX.