For your Sisel business, social media can be an excellent way to reach new audiences and should be used to showcase products, promote events, and have one-on-one discussions. However, even though social media is convenient, we still need to exercise caution when we use it.

In previous Compliance Coaching posts, we touched on rules and restrictions put in place by the FDA and FTC. These same restrictions apply to how we use our social media channels. Both of these institutions take their policies seriously, and we would do well to follow them. Listed below are some examples of what we should and shouldn’t do with our social media platforms.

Sisel Online Dos

  • Share product photos
  • Share Sisel Corporate posts
  • Provide before/after photos
  • Share your story and your dream
  • Make approved product claims
  • Connect with new people
  • Hold social events
  • Talk about the Comp Plan
  • Invite others to Sisel events and tours
  • Promote official Sisel videos, images, and business tools
  • Share videos and posts about your personal experience with Sisel products and events (following appropriate claims guidelines)

Sisel Online Don’ts

  • Don’t promote products in public marketplaces or classifieds (e.g., eBay, Amazon, other online stores)
  • Don’t make financial claims or share earnings
  • Don’t make unapproved product claims, including any that claim Sisel’s products treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  • Don’t use unapproved literature or research to promote products
  • Don’t use the name or likeness of any unapproved individual to back product/financial claims
  • Don’t recruit in public forums or discussion groups if recruiting violates the terms and conditions of said groups
  • Don’t use Sisel logo or trademarks in a confusing or unofficial manner
    • E.g.,,,, or other website names that can lead people to think it’s the official Sisel website
    • Using the Sisel logo on unapproved 3rd party material, including research studies and images
    • Using the Sisel logo on unapproved or personal videos

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social platforms all have the potential to take your brand and business to new levels of success. Ensure the safety of that success by keeping these compliance tips in mind.