Terminator® Mouth Rinse

Gentle, Healthy and Fresh Oral and Breath Rinser

Feel Confident About Your Next Dental Checkup.

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Terminator® Mouth Rinse is unlike any other oral hygiene product available. Rather than cover or suppress odor, Terminator helps to eliminate the odors that cause bad breath, without strong chemi- cals or alcohol.

The key ingredient in Terminator is stabilized anthium dioxide, which, when used in a mouth rinse, eliminates odor and bad breath.

Another distinctive feature of Terminator is the all-natural sweeten- er xylitol. Unlike ordinary sweeteners, xylitol does not feed bacteria that cause dental caries or plaque. When used as part of a com- plete dental hygiene program, Terminator may help improve your next dental checkup. And the cool, minty flavor leaves your breath fresh and inviting.

• Highly effective, yet 100% alcohol free.

• Eliminates mouth odors

• Contains special phosphate buffer

• Gentle enough for delicate mouths

• Helps maintain good oral health

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475 mL/16 fl oz


For fresh breath and clean teeth and gums, swish a small amount of rinse in mouth for at least 30 seconds twice a day.


Do not intentionally swallow rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. Supervise child use. Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken.


Aqua, Xylitol, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (Sodium Chlorite Solution) Potassium Phosphate Buffer, Flavor.


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