When shopping for hand cleansers we’re frequently assaulted with emboldened text shouting “Antibacterial!” in an effort to win us over. But how much more effective is an antibacterial liquid over good old-fashioned soap and water? Surprisingly, not much.

Recently banned by the FDA, the active ingredients in many antibacterial hand sanitizers, triclosan and triclocarban, have not been proven effective and are even harmful in some cases. With most of the industry using these potentially harmful substances, sanitizers in general are being scrutinized more closely. For example, research suggests that triclosan “contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics,” as well as other studies pointing to the adverse effect this ingredient can have on certain hormones.

Even more worrisome is that these same ingredients are listed as ingredients included in pesticides. They are questionable substances at best, and ingredients whose credibility is further hurt by the fact that it hasn’t been shown by compelling evidence to prove they’re more effective at removing bacteria from your skin than a regular bar of soap.

With antibacterial sanitizers suddenly not being all they claim to be, it’s important that the hand wash you choose is effective, natural, and most importantly, Sisel Safe. Cucumber Lime Liquid Hand Wash is just that.

Combining the unique benefits of Chlorophyll with the potent properties of Colloidal Silver, our Cucumber Lime Liquid Hand Wash provides you with an incredible level of effectiveness against dirt, odors, oils, and other substances that are unwanted when combating blemishes, blackheads, acne, and other skin issues.

To start, we infuse our hand wash with Colloidal Silver. This incredible metal has been used for centuries for a myriad of cleaning and healing purposes.

Next, we tap into the energy cycle of plants and take advantage of the versatile Chlorophyll. Known for many benefits,  this ingredient possesses strong, naturally powerful properties, and has proven to be an effective ingredient in skincare.  Additionally, Chlorophyll acts as a natural deodorant offering a superior level of odor protection.

On their own, these ingredients can benefit your skin in a number of ways. Together, they create a powerful cleansing solution that helps remove dirt and grime all while treating your skin with the gentle soothing care it deserves.

From Nature’s doorstep to yours, enjoy the clean, refreshing benefits of Cucumber Lime Liquid Hand Wash today!

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