Mower Mountain 2018

Mower Mountain kicked out of the gate with all guns blazing! Everyone arrived up at Tom Mower’s barn eager and waiting for a day full of games, good food, and fun times…and they didn’t leave disappointed! Thursday morning started with a grand welcoming from Tom Mower Jr., Leisel Mower, Thomas Mower, and Aaron Rennert. 

With everyone fired up, we split into groups and headed out to tackle a number of exciting activities; ranging from archery tag, fishing, horseback riding, all the way to testing our shooting skills and driving ATVs!  We were a bit famished after a morning full of running, laughing, and playing, so when Don Joaquin’s taco truck showed up, we were more than ready to eat! We barely had our food down before the roar of an engine caught our attention and Tom Mower Sr. raced in with his cherry red Ferrari!

After lunch (and with full bellies) we started the second half of Thursday’s festivities and charged straight into The Gauntlet.  Faced with target practice, climbing, rodeo games, swimming and more, our Distributors gave their all to come out on top and be crowned Gauntlet Champions.  As the dust settled, 6 individuals faced each obstacle with guts and glory and won the Grand Prize: $1,000 worth of products! Congrats to Rick Hill, Doc Fizz, Laurie Young, John Bigelow, Melvin Fisher Jr., and Melvin Zook Jr.!

We finished up Thursday night with a delicious BBQ and a slew of entertaining evening activities.  Exhausted, everyone turned in for the night.  It seemed like we’d only just closed our eyes when…

Painting the Town Red

…We were up for another day of full-tilt action and fun! You’d think after the previous day’s entertainment most of our Distributors would be tuckered out.  Well, you’d be wrong. Happy faces, bright eyes, and tons of smiles filled up the Sisel parking lot as we set out on another day’s adventures!

After everyone donned their exclusive Sisel T-Shirt (they’re pretty awesome), we split up and headed out! Half our group hopped in vans destined for Park City, where ziplines and the Alpine Slide awaited. Our distributors enjoyed flying through the air, speeding down rails, and soaking in the beautiful, scenic landscape of northern Utah.

The other group zoomed off to the big city to try their luck at Top Golf.  Take golf and throw it in a blender with skee-ball and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a incredible afternoon! We spent time polishing our swings, comparing scores and even got to celebrate a birthday while we were there.

But Mower Mountain wouldn’t be an authentic Western Extravaganza without a down and dirty, rootin’, tootin’ seat-of-yer-britches rodeo! Those spectators weren’t expecting such a ruckus but we sure gave them one! We were up on our feet cheerin’ and hollerin’ at all those crazy cowboys, cowgirls, and bull riders! We saw bronco ridin’, cow wrastlin’, and more than a few unlucky contestants get flung off their rides (ouch). It was ruff and tuff and left our hearts pounding!

Spirits were high as we jumped from the bleachers and cheered for all our favorite riders. And don’t even get us started on the food! Funnel cakes? Check. Home-brewed root beer? Check. Corn dogs, pulled pork, cotton candy, and every flavor of lemonade you can think of. We had it all!

After one last bull ride, things started to settle down and we enjoyed a few moments talking and laughing about the days activities and all the new experiences we had. With a final wave, we all jumped into our vans and rode off into the sunset…and back to our hotels where we welcomed a good night’s rest.

Training At High Noon

As the dawn broke on our final day, we had one last ace up our sleeves. Our Executives from around the world joined us for a day full of teaching, training, and the Mower Mission, with a capstone presentation from the man behind the mission, Mr. Tom Mower Sr.  We learned about how to grow your business, experience more success, and even dove into the science behind The A.G.E. Pill! Below is a quick list of everyone we heard from and what they presented on.

  • Thomas Mower Jr. Jr., Growing up in the Mower Mission 
  • Jim O’Reilly, The Land Down Under: Australia
  • Milo Acosta, North America: America and Canada
  • Scott Murdock, Japan
  • Leisel Mower, Sisel Beauty: Safe Ingredients
  • Aaron Rennert, Sisel’s Global Outreach
  • Tom Mower Jr., Future of Sisel
  • Tom Mower Sr., Ground Breaking Achievements

We also had some huge announcements about products, the new Media Library, Loyalty Rewards Program, and our big event for 2019! (Look for more info on these announcements in the near future.)

We finished Mower Mountain 2018 in the best way possible: Sisel Under the Stars. Everyone enjoyed some of the finest brisket and BBQ chicken around, topped off with homemade cobbler so good we couldn’t stop eating! Serenading the evening was an incredible live band that got people up on their feet and out on the dance floor.

As the evening grew to a close, we said our last goodbyes, numbers were exchanged, hugs were given, and new friendships were forged.  It was an amazing event; one of the best we’ve had yet!  A big Thank You to everyone that made it possible.  We simply can’t wait until our next big event to see you all again!  Until then, we’ll see ya ’round, pardners.