Here’s something we get asked frequently: Can I use research done by others to promote a Sisel product? The short answer is, no.  But you can use research to educate others about the ingredients found in our products.

So what’s the difference between education and promotion? It’s all pretty straightforward. Using third-party research to teach people about the benefits of ingredients is educational. Using third-party research to try and sell a product is promotional.  Maintain a clear separation between the research you’re sharing and the product you’re selling and you’ll be in the clear.

For example, if you look at Eternity on Sisel’s website you’ll see we talk about the science of resveratrol. Notice that we don’t tie this research to the product, nor do we host the research on our website.

Instead, we invite readers to explore the science by sending them directly to the third-party research. You’ll receive a pop-up informing you that you’re leaving our site and that the website you’re about to visit is of no affiliation with Sisel. This is third-party research being used to educate.

In the long run, it always pays to play it safe. Never use third-party research to promote Sisel’s products. This includes using research in product descriptions, tying research directly to Sisel products, or even putting the Sisel logo on third-party research.  There’s a wealth of great, informative research we encourage you to use when educating your customers and recruits.