What’s that Term?

Jeff and Thomas take a spin around the wheel of fortune during this exciting episode of The Show! From the Compensation Plan to products, these two contestants cover a variety of common terms and acronyms used here at Sisel. Is Thomas’s victory in jeopardy, or will he take home the Champion’s Trophy? Only time (exactly two minutes and ten seconds) will tell!

Test Your Mettle! 

Below are listed all the terms covered during this episode of The Show. How many do you know?

Sponsored Distributors placed ‘below’ you in the tree

Loyalty Rewards Program

Anyone that you personally enroll

Wealth Builder System

7 levels, 7% pay

Anyone that you personally enroll

Your qualification for bonuses

Commissionable Volume

Fast Start Bonus: First 30 days of membership you collect 25% off all orders by new enrollee

Qualifying Downline Volume

Personal Volume

Anti-Glycation Extreme

Sponsored Distributors paced ‘above’ you in the placement tree

Commissions for levels 8 and beyond

Receive a percentage of the DC payout of qualified 1-Star Masters and above, in their downlines based on Generations (Enrolling Sponsor Tree)

Commission will roll up to the next qualified person if someone does not qualify

The Compensation Plan, or how you earn monetary bonuses.