This Father’s Day give him the gift he really needs: the energy to finish his chores.  We love Dad.  Don’t get us wrong.  The grilling, ball games, piggy back rides, bear hugs, oil changes and every single thing he does for us.  But let’s be honest…sometimes those dishes kind of just sit there.  And the laundry?  When was the last time that got done?

When Dad’s running on all cylinders, sometimes he just runs out of steam.  It’s inevitable.  That’s why this pack is the perfect gift for him.  Packed full of Sisel energy and cleansers, we’re giving him everything he needs to get the job done.  (Remind him of that if you catch him napping.)

Show your dad how much you love him with Sisel’s Father’s Day Promo Pack.


Promo Pack includes:

Sisel Kaffe Instant (1 bag)

Inner Chi for Him (1 bottle)

Organi-Cleanse (1 bottle)

Septi-Clean (1 bottle)

Vibrant (1 bottle)

UltraMaxx (1 case)

Him Mug